Month: July 2009

Updated TeamCity WebHooks plugin available

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Version of the tcWebHooks plugin is available for download. It’s mainly a bugfix release and some tidy up of the user interface.

– Fix for newly created WebHooks not being persisted to plugin-settings.xml until re-edited.
– Plugin JSPs loaded using getPluginResourcesPath(), so plugin dir can be anything, and not hard-coded to “webhook”.
– webHookUrl form input style fix for linux (or large fonts in general). URL input field was too wide for div.

– WebHook blurb updated. A new link can be added to the “Further reading” section of the blurb by adding a <info> line to the <webhooks> section of the main-config.xml
– Enabled events are now listed in Tabs and Edit pages, eg. Build Started, Build Changed Status, Build Interrupted, Build Almost Completed, Build Responsibility Changed


More Info | Download | Install and usage docs

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