Month: March 2008

MythStatusScreenlet 0.0.2 released (MythTV 0.21 support)

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I’ve released a new MythStatusScreenlet. The release notes are below.

# RELEASE: 0.0.2
# – Now supports MythTV 0.20 and 0.21 xml formats
# – Better handling when backend goes away/comes back

You can download the latest file from gnome-look.

The MythStatus Screenlet is now available

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As mentioned on the MythStatus screenlet page, I’ve tidied up some of the code and posted a tar on the Screenlets Website.

The MythStatus Screenlet polls the XML info page of MythTV’s backend (normally port 6544), and parses the XML information to display the status of your backend. It shows the next ten upcoming recordings, highlighting in red, any that are currently recording.

It also shows Last Guide Update status, a disk space graph, Load Average and Temperature as provided by MythTV’s XML status page.