Month: January 2009

MythStatusScreenlet 0.1.1 released (theme support)

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I’m pleased to announce the 0.1.1 release of the MythStatusScreenlet. This release now is “theme-able”. I know Screenlets are theme-able already, but the standard theme support really just supports changing the background and other externally loaded graphics (png and svg). UPDATE: It appears I am running an old version of screenlets (0.0.14) and versions 0.1.2 and above have a lot more theme support.

In MythStatusScreenlet 0.1.1, I’ve extended (subclassed) the Screenlets utils.ini_reader to load extra options for the theme. These options control the layout and style of all the elements of the MythStatusScreenlet. As a proof of concept, I’ve quickly built a few other themes including “mythbuntu” and “glass”. I’ve renamed the default mepo theme to mepo-transparent, and created a new one for mepo that has a black background. This is because of a comment on the download page saying that a user sometimes found it hard to see the screenlet when backgrounds were changed.

Additionally, there is now support for GTK popups using the Screenlets Notifier class. The MythStatusScreenlet will popup a Notifier window when MythTV starts or finishes a recording.

I’ve tried to add mouseover tooltips too. However, I’ve found it to be quite unreliable, so it’s turned off by default.

I recently built a new MythTV machine. I installed mythbuntu 8.04 on it, which installed MythTv 0.21  Since then, my myth box no longer presents the Temperature information. I suspect a few other people might have the same problem (based on a comment on the gnome-look site), so I’ve fixed the code to only try and display the Temperature information if it is present. However, this means that I can’t easily test the Temperature display when building the themes. Please post a comment if you have this working, or have problems with it. Does anyone know if Temperature info is no longer presented in Myth 0.21, or is it a MythBuntu thing?

As usual, downloads are at gnome-look.