MythStatusScreenlet 0.2.1 released (Support for MythTV 0.23 and above)

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downloadAnnouncing a new release of MythStatusScreenlet. This version supports the MythTV 0.23 xml format.

In reality, it’s the same as the 0.22 xml format, so I’ve just changed the code to look for >= 0.22. This should work until the format changes again.

As usual, get the updated version from Gnome Look.

MythStatusScreenlet 0.2.0 released (MythTV 0.22 support)

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I am pleased to announce the latest release of the MythStatusScreenlet. Version 0.2.0 supports the new MythTV 0.22 XML format.
Many thanks to Mike Loeffler for the patch and testing with Myth 0.22.

As always, get it from Gnome Look

MythStatusScreenlet 0.1.1 released (theme support)

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I’m pleased to announce the 0.1.1 release of the MythStatusScreenlet. This release now is “theme-able”. I know Screenlets are theme-able already, but the standard theme support really just supports changing the background and other externally loaded graphics (png and svg). UPDATE: It appears I am running an old version of screenlets (0.0.14) and versions 0.1.2 and above have a lot more theme support.

In MythStatusScreenlet 0.1.1, I’ve extended (subclassed) the Screenlets utils.ini_reader to load extra options for the theme. These options control the layout and style of all the elements of the MythStatusScreenlet. As a proof of concept, I’ve quickly built a few other themes including “mythbuntu” and “glass”. I’ve renamed the default mepo theme to mepo-transparent, and created a new one for mepo that has a black background. This is because of a comment on the download page saying that a user sometimes found it hard to see the screenlet when backgrounds were changed.

Additionally, there is now support for GTK popups using the Screenlets Notifier class. The MythStatusScreenlet will popup a Notifier window when MythTV starts or finishes a recording.

I’ve tried to add mouseover tooltips too. However, I’ve found it to be quite unreliable, so it’s turned off by default.

I recently built a new MythTV machine. I installed mythbuntu 8.04 on it, which installed MythTv 0.21  Since then, my myth box no longer presents the Temperature information. I suspect a few other people might have the same problem (based on a comment on the gnome-look site), so I’ve fixed the code to only try and display the Temperature information if it is present. However, this means that I can’t easily test the Temperature display when building the themes. Please post a comment if you have this working, or have problems with it. Does anyone know if Temperature info is no longer presented in Myth 0.21, or is it a MythBuntu thing?

As usual, downloads are at gnome-look.

Firefox 3 and Compiz Fusion animations

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I love Firefox 3, and have been running it on my Gutsy desktop since Beta 3. Firefox 3 now integrates into your desktop’s skin/theme really nicely, and the upshot of this is that on Linux with Compiz you get to utilise window animations within Firefox.

This sounds great, except that the AwesomeBar and search bar can end up actually being more distracting than useful. The default Gutsy animations in Compiz Fusion (and possibly in Hardy too) are “Glide 2” for open and close animations. Firefox’s AwesomeBar and SearchBar animations use the “Utility” window type, so you can just remove Utility from “Glide 2” and add it to another effect. I chose Fade since it was there already, and just added it to the list. Here is a screenshot to better explain it.

CompizConfig Settings Manager - Animations

Since I did’t want the gliding for open or close I added it to Fade, and removed it from Glide 2 in both the Open and Close Animation tabs.

Or, if you want to disable the AwesomeBar completely and go back to the Firefox 2 style, you can apparently set “browser.urlbar.maxRichResults” to “-1” in Firefox’s about:config page. The comments in this post explain how to do that.

MythStatusScreenlet 0.0.3 released (Hardy support)

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Announcing the long awaited update to the MythStatusScreenlet to support Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

After spending quite a lot of time trying to get ElementTree working, I gave up and just rewrote the XML parsing using simple regular expressions. I know it’s a hack, but at least I have something that should work in Hardy.

# RELEASE: 0.0.3
# – No longer uses xpath, so should now work in Hardy

You can download the latest file from gnome-look. As usual, let me know if you it doesn’t work for you.

MythStatusScreenlet 0.0.2 released (MythTV 0.21 support)

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I’ve released a new MythStatusScreenlet. The release notes are below.

# RELEASE: 0.0.2
# – Now supports MythTV 0.20 and 0.21 xml formats
# – Better handling when backend goes away/comes back

You can download the latest file from gnome-look.

The MythStatus Screenlet is now available

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As mentioned on the MythStatus screenlet page, I’ve tidied up some of the code and posted a tar on the Screenlets Website.

The MythStatus Screenlet polls the XML info page of MythTV’s backend (normally port 6544), and parses the XML information to display the status of your backend. It shows the next ten upcoming recordings, highlighting in red, any that are currently recording.

It also shows Last Guide Update status, a disk space graph, Load Average and Temperature as provided by MythTV’s XML status page.