Month: May 2012

tcWebHooks 0.8 alpha bugfix release

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Here is a new version of the tcWebHooks 0.8 alpha.

Bug fixes:

  • buildResult was not being set for NVPAIRS format because getter and setter were missing
    NVPAIRS uses apache commons BeanUtils.describe to build the payload, and that requires getter and setters.
    The other formats use ThroughtWorks XStream which uses fields
  • Changed field buildRunner to buildRunners for NVPAIRS format. Other formats were using new pluralised field name.
  • Tidied up unused imports and variables. No more yellow triangles in Eclipse.

I’m pretty sure Jason’s comment regading the hipchat message field containing a blank build result was caused by the buildResult field missing in the NVPAIRS format.  Hopefully this will fix that message.

  • buildStatusHtml needs to be added for ResponsibleChanged.

Download version 0.8.branch-build-25.134

As usual, please put comments below or on the bugs page.

tcWebHooks alpha release available – Now much better!

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It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got a chance to work on the tcWebHooks plugin for TeamCity.

I have an alpha release on sourceforge for download here:

The main features are:

  • buildStatusDelta information (broken, fixed, success, failure)
  • being able to trigger webhooks based on deltas (on completion).
  • buildStatusHtml field which contains an html status message containing links back to the build
  • buildStatusUrl field which contains a URL back to the build instance in case you want to roll your own links.
  • Now uses the zip file plugin format. If you are upgrading please remember to remove your old folder and jar as they are no longer required.

There are quite a few refactorings under the hood. Please backup your existing config before you upgrade because the XML format has changed and you won’t be able to roll back.

As usual, please put comments below or on the bugs page.

Here is a screen shot of the new tcWebHooks editor dialog.

It’s very very alpha at the moment. Internally it’s very different. As a result of adding these nested settings, I’ve had to change the XML format. So please please backup your config directory (folder) before installing. I have a format converter, which is unit tested, but you never know 😉
I’ve removed the “buildStatusChanged” event. It was incredibly misleading, as most people thought it was referring to historical events, rather than in build events.

To install.

  • Shutdown teamcity.
  • Remove the tcWebhooks (or whatever you called it) folder inside your .BuildServer/plugins folder
  • Backup your .BuildServer/config folder
  • Drop the new ZIP into .BuildServer/plugins/
  • Startup teamcity.
Please let me know how you get on using the comment below.