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I realised recently that since moving from Source Forge to Github, the tcPlugins user base is more actively engaged, and conversations tend to happen there rather than here.

So here is a quick recap of the last few years.

tcWebHooks – Outbound webhook support for TeamCity

Version 1.1 was released in November 2018. This release primarily added support for templated webhook payloads and a bunch of other improvements. See the upgrading page on the wiki for a list of changes.

TeamCity plugin competition

In December 2016 I entered the TeamCity plugin competition by writing the tcDebRepository plugin in six weeks. I was awarded the special prize which allowed me to visit the TeamCity development team in Munich.

I had an amazing time meeting the team and learning more about the product. I’d like to thank the team for making me feel so welcome.

tcDebRepository – Debian Package Server in TeamCity

My entry in the competition was the tcDebRepository plugin, which allows TeamCity to function as a Debian Package Server serving build artifacts in a manner that’s compatible with Debian’s apt tools.

I’m currently working on updates to this plugin which will support the most recent Ubuntu versions. This includes GPG signed Release files and hash support for Package listings and other meta-data files.

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