New tcWebHooks release to support TeamCity 6.5

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A new version ( of the tcWebHooks plugin is available.

With the recent release of Teamcity 6.5, some assumptions I was making about the prototype javascript functions proved incorrect. I think the newer version is stricter with badly named functions, or perhaps teamcity has changed some of their internal functions on which I was mistakenly relying.

This release fixes those bugs and also fixes a long standing oversight in the lack of checking of the URL and payload formats when submitting the form. Now, when trying to add a webhook with no url or no payload format selected you are prompted before the dialog goes away. Previously, the dialog would just close and no webhook would be added. It ended up being that my jsp was not setting the content type to text/xml, so the javascript error listener was never firing.

As usual, get the latest from sourceforge. If you find a bug please leave a comment below, or on the bugs page.


New tcWebhooks bugfix release available

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A recent comment on my blog pointed out that the buildStatus field in the webhook POST payload was not accurate.

After some investigation, I noticed the the buildStatus does not get updated until after the build has been marked as “finished” by TeamCity. However, the build is not marked as finished until the plugins have run, so all builds were reporting themselves as “running”.

I have added a new field called buildResult, which gleans the result from the sRunningBuild object, rather than relying on the buildStatus returned by TeamCity.

Thanks to Lloyd for helping me work through the issues and testing. I have now uploaded a new jar to sourceforge.

I also spotted that one field in the JSON payload was incorrectly stating that the notification was for buildStarted when in fact it was buildFinished. This has now been corrected.

Updated release of tcPrettyEmailer plugin for TeamCity

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I am pleased to announce the updated release of tcPrettyEmailer, the beautiful email notifier for TeamCity.
This version fixes a few bugs and has a much friendlier packaging/deployment process.

The documentation has been added to the tcplugins wiki on sourceforge, and you can download the zipfile from source forge too.


Updated TeamCity WebHooks plugin available

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Version of the tcWebHooks plugin is available for download. It’s mainly a bugfix release and some tidy up of the user interface.

– Fix for newly created WebHooks not being persisted to plugin-settings.xml until re-edited.
– Plugin JSPs loaded using getPluginResourcesPath(), so plugin dir can be anything, and not hard-coded to “webhook”.
– webHookUrl form input style fix for linux (or large fonts in general). URL input field was too wide for div.

– WebHook blurb updated. A new link can be added to the “Further reading” section of the blurb by adding a <info> line to the <webhooks> section of the main-config.xml
– Enabled events are now listed in Tabs and Edit pages, eg. Build Started, Build Changed Status, Build Interrupted, Build Almost Completed, Build Responsibility Changed


More Info | Download | Install and usage docs

I welcome any and all feedback.

TeamCity WebHooks plugin beta available

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Announcing a beta release (version of a plugin for TeamCity which enhances TeamCity to provide WebHook functionality. With the tcWebHooks plugin installed, you can tell TeamCity to trigger a webhook POST request as build events occur.

WebHooks are configured on a project basis, and when events occur in the build process, a POST request is submitted to the URL. You can configure as many URLs as you like (within reason) and which events will trigger the request.

There is support for proxies in this version, and webhooks are configured in the TeamCity UI. There are a few outstanding items to tidy up, but the core functionality is working.

The project is on SourceForge at