Firefox 3 and Compiz Fusion animations

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I love Firefox 3, and have been running it on my Gutsy desktop since Beta 3. Firefox 3 now integrates into your desktop’s skin/theme really nicely, and the upshot of this is that on Linux with Compiz you get to utilise window animations within Firefox.

This sounds great, except that the AwesomeBar and search bar can end up actually being more distracting than useful. The default Gutsy animations in Compiz Fusion (and possibly in Hardy too) are “Glide 2” for open and close animations. Firefox’s AwesomeBar and SearchBar animations use the “Utility” window type, so you can just remove Utility from “Glide 2” and add it to another effect. I chose Fade since it was there already, and just added it to the list. Here is a screenshot to better explain it.

CompizConfig Settings Manager - Animations

Since I did’t want the gliding for open or close I added it to Fade, and removed it from Glide 2 in both the Open and Close Animation tabs.

Or, if you want to disable the AwesomeBar completely and go back to the Firefox 2 style, you can apparently set “browser.urlbar.maxRichResults” to “-1” in Firefox’s about:config page. The comments in this post explain how to do that.

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