mythfilldatabase failing again

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A few weeks ago, I found that mythfilldatabase was failing every night. It looks like it’s failing again and I am getting the same error but it appears to be for a different reason. Code point \u0000 is not a valid character in XML at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/ line 1757
  2007-11-02 09:18:14.826 ------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
  2007-11-02 09:18:14.828 FAILED:  xmltv returned error code 65280.

I’ve downloaded the latest radio times channels file from CVS and I’ve upgraded perl-XMLTV and xmltv-grabbers from yum (FC6) as there were new ones available, but I am still getting the same thing.

I did get it to run once yesterday by commenting out of my .mythtv/Nova-T.xmltv channels file (as alluded to here), but it’s not really an ideal solution, since I do like to record movies on film4.

Someone on that thread seemed to think it might be a corrupted file cached somewhere, so as soon as I figure out what file it’s complaining about, I’ll try a wget --cache=no and see what happens.

One thought on “mythfilldatabase failing again

    netwolfuk said:
    November 4, 2007 at 11:49

    I tried re-requsting the 160.dat (movie cast list file) from the RT site as few days ago with caching forced off (wget –cache=no), but that made no difference.

    Last nights run went without a hitch, however, so I think the duff data has gone from the cast list file on the RT site. Maybe the movie with the odd chars was screened yesterday, and so it is not required anymore. It’s been about two weeks since the problem cropped up.

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